Friday, August 8, 2008

A Tunic for Miss A

This is the Tunic (top) I made for Miss A a few days ago as she felt left out while I was busy making other projects. So I thought it's time for a surprise and a big huggy.

(Well, you guessed it right, my cork board did a good job of modelling {lol}). I made the neck and sleeves with bias piping. This top can be worn with a pair of tights (leggings) or with a pair of parallel (similar to yoga) pants or with Jeans. It is little longer than a t-shirt.

I generally draft my own patterns, so I just whip up something depending on the fabric and the purpose, and of course time and mood too (lol).

Thread Catcher.

I recently visited Mellebugandme's blog. She has a lovely tutorial on Thread Catcher. I made two of them for both my sewing machines.

This thread catcher has really saved all those hours I spend trying to clean up the post sewing mess. I have a box full of scraps which I am planning to use up for small projects like this. I have a big to-do list on my cork board which I am planning to finish soon.

Now let me introduce both my darlings. The first one is an old 1980's Kenmore, which came home just 2 weeks ago. I have been using this one for sewing thicker fabrics and home decor projects. Well, the reviews say this machine is a work horse and I truly believe it now.

The second machine is a Brother Pacesetter 8500 PC which I use for embroidery and for sewing apparel. I just love both of them.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Super Cool Yoga Mat Bag.

I recently started taking up Jazzercise classes. While browsing for a yoga mat bag I stumbled on Meream's blog. I liked the tutorial so much that I immediately got down to making one myself.

This was the fabric I had in mind for the bag,

But then, the plan changed as my Mr felt this was too colorful and girly and he wanted me to choose something less feminine, so I looked into my fabric bundles if I could find something of his choice. And finally I found this fabric which I bought long ago for just 0.30 cents in the remnants section.

I just picked it up because I never paid that price for a fabric before. My Mr okay'd the fabric so I set down to work.

I made a 27inches long and 19 inch wide bag, which is basically about a couple of inches more than the yoga mat.

Finally this is how it turned out.

Miss A (my daughter's name is Ananya, which means One and Only) was waiting all this while just for an opportunity to wear the bag, so here she is modelling for my pictures. The above picture shows one way which you can wear the bag (over the neck).

This one shows a second style(on the shoulder),

and here goes the third (well this one is on the shoulder too but just in a different pose). By now you must be wondering about the tent in the photograph. The story is Miss A has been pretending she is camping, so I put up a tent in her room and she has been eating and sleeping there for the past one week.

Well the reason behind Miss A's giggles is that she finally convinced me to make one for her doll too. And here goes my Mr with the bag.

So, now I think I will use the fabric of my choice to make one for me (err.. small correction, Miss A says, first I need to make for her doll).

Starting up..

Well.. seems like the blogging bug has bit me too.

For a long time now I have been visiting a lot of Sewing and Cooking blogs. I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from all of them.

Earlier though I was into sewing, I was never confident about my knowledge until, I met Mrs. Padmakala. You can read more about her here. It's from her I got this love for sewing. I can never forget the knowledge and the commitment she passed on to me.

This is what inspired me to pen down my thoughts and express myself through this blog.

Hope you all have fun reading my blog.