Sunday, June 5, 2011

Indian Blouse Part 2

Finally, I got some time for a blog post.  I made many indian blouses till now.  Indian blouses have both very simple to very complex patterns.  These are just a few variations on how they are made.

Here is the final version of the Indian blouse I talked about in my previous blog post. 

Both the front and back neck has a piping with metallic gold single fold bias strip which is available in most fabric stores.

Back View:

I attached fabric tubes at the back with beads.  This part is optional, though fabric tubes act as a support to hold the shape for deep necks.   

Side view:  I cut out two motifs off the extra part of the saree and patch worked it to the back of the blouse. 

Front view: This blouse has front opening.

Here‘s another version of the blouse with opening at the back.

Sleeves can be of various lengths, short, 3/4th sleeves or long. 

This is another variation where the opening is on the side.

P.S: This dress form is not my twin.  I haven’t had a chance to buy my twin yet.  I just fell in love with this antique singer dress form and it had to come home with me.  Indian blouses generally are worn with a very snug fit unlike what you see here on the dress form.