Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Festival of Lights

Yesterday was the Festival of Lights. This is the decoration I did at home on my center table. I love the way it looks.

I made some yummy rice pudding. :)

Vintage Sewing Box & Sewing Needle Kit. :)

Look what I bought recently. It’s a vintage sewing box and sewing needle case. They are both so beautiful and I can carry them in my handbag wherever I go. How cool is that –sewing on the go. It has a small pincushion, a few spools, tape, snap-on's.... basically everything that you can possibly need in an emergency.

This is how it looks once it is closed. It looks a little big here in the picture but it is much smaller.

These needle kit is so cute. I love the pictures on it. It still has all the needles intact.

I absolutely adore anything vintage. I sometimes wish I had a magic wand, which takes me back a few generations, so that I could shop to my heart’s content and then come back to present again, ha ha yes, come back, to my family of course. Hope you guys agree with my train of thought.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I am down with cold and fever.

Since the past two days I am not doing great. :(

I have cold and fever. I will be back as soon as I feel better my fellow bloggers. You guys take care.

Image courtesy - Google .

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Garment/Fashion District Part 2

Here I am back with the a few pictures I managed to click while shopping at Garment District, LA. This is the first time I found so many wholesale and retail shops selling fabric at such bargain prices.

The entire area was filled with small shops which had big bolts of fabric lying on the floor.

Some of the stores carry trims and notions while others carry fake fur. Most of the fabric I found here is not really great in quality, but patience is the key. I found a few shops selling silk dupioni at nearly half the price as compared to any other retail store. The shopkeepers let you bargain depending on the number of yards you are going to buy. Some of the shops had a lot of polyester, satin and lace for about $2 a yard. Most of the laces and trims were sold at about 50 cents to a dollar.

I landed up on a Sunday, and it seems like Sunday is not a good day to go as most of the shops were closed. And if you are going with kids, it’s is going to be very challenging because the place is very crowded and you have to walk a lot, also only one or two stores have bathrooms and they give you the key for a minimal charge.

Overall it was a fairly good experience. I bought a lot of silk, trims and satin. :)

You can check here for comprehensive information on the location and the layout of Garment/Fashion District, LA.

Caution: Leave your husband at home. ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yipeee... I went to the Garment District in LA

YES!!! I went to the Garment District last weekend. I am so excited, happy, thrilled.., well, way too many emotions to put in here. Right now I am a little busy finishing my project at school.

I'll get back with pictures and more about it in a day or two. Do visit me soon. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A combination of A-Line and Empire Style* and a touch of Fabric Yo-Yo’s.

Wondering what the title is talking about?!!!
I made a dress for my little girlie. First I thought I’ll make an A-Line dress, but then felt it’s going to be too simple, considering the design of the fabric. So, I added Empire style to the dress.

(Check out the meaning of Empire dress at the bottom of the post).

So now the front of the dress has Empire Style positioned on the chest line, but without the dart . The back of the dress is a simple A-line. I did not use any commercial pattern, because I know pattern making.

The dress front has a square neckline and the back has a round neckline, and the armhole has a bias piping.

And here is the fabric yo-yo. Luckily I found a cute button after going through about say 150-200 buttons (Well, I have a big box full of buttons).

Here is my little Miss A with her new dress.

She had an immunization shot today, and I told her I’ll make her a dress if she promises not to cry during the shot. And of course she was too good at keeping her promise and never cried other than just a little aaaaaaah, oohhhhh. And that's how the shot episode ended, unlike the crying and shouting that happens every time.

I am happy I found a way to make hospital visits much more fun and peaceful.

*Empire Dress: Empire designs have a horizontal line underneath the bust area proportional to the figure. It also includes a fisheye dart that is used to shape the bust and the waist areas.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fabric and more Fabric from Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner and Rosemarie Lavin.

I hope I don't become a Fabricoholic soon. Looks like I am already getting there though.

I was on a shopping spree since past few weeks. Look at what I bought. :)

Bijoux and Pop Garden by Heather Bailey. I bought these two from Etsy.

Garden Party-Fanfare Rose by Anna Maria Horner.
This one is from ebay.

Rhapsody- Spanish Floral Black by Rosemarie Lavin.
And this is from Sew,Mama,Sew shop.

I absolutely love them. They are sooooooooo beautiful. I am planning to make a dress for my little girl with Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden and Bijoux.
Well, haven’t really decided what I am planning to do with the other fabrics. You got to wait and watch!! :)