Saturday, September 25, 2010

My First Quilt and Quilt Dad’s Awesomeness

Hurray! Yay!! Yippee!!!  Not enough words to show my excitement.

I wanted to make a quilt for a very long time.  I sewed garments and other stuff but never made a quilt.  Now that I am having my baby soon, I thought why not make a quilt myself?  So, I called all the shops nearby to see if there were any beginner classes.  To my disappointment, none of the stores here had any classes in Summer and all available classes were close to my due date.

But, I did not give up hope and started reading all the tutorials available in the blog land, and while blog hopping I came across John Adams awesome blog “Quilt Dad” and guess what he lived close by.  I jumped on the couch (well, not really with such a huge tummy, but ya sort of almost jumped).  I immediately emailed him asking him if he was interested in teaching me how to quilt. And he agreed. (Jumped again). 

So, finally the scheduling was done through mails and he very kindly offered to come over to my place instead of me going around in the car with my big bump. 

He made the entire process of quilting so easy, I learnt it so fast and finished making a quilt in just 4 sessions.  How cool is that?!!

Thank you so much John aka Quilt Dad, for helping me make my first quilt. 

Here are the pictures we took on the last day of the class.  Check it out and, please don’t forget to stop by his blog to see all the beautiful quilts he made and some really nice tutorials he posted.