Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tissue or Magazine Holder Tutorial

This is a Tissue holder or magazine holder which is very convenient to carry around when you travel or when you would like to have some tissues handy when you are in your craft room. My plan is to use it when I go camping.

To make this, you need:

1. One cotton canvas or home decor fabric for the base. (I used a placemat which I was no longer using).
2. One piece of fabric for the Pocket.

Step one:

Cut the base fabric 12 ½ inches wide and 18 ½ inches long (you could take more if you want more than two sections).

Cut the pocket fabric 8 ½ inches wide and 22 ½ inches long (Basically whatever length you take for the base fabric, just add 4 inches to the pocket fabric).

Now pin about 1/4th to ½ inch on the wrong side of both the fabrics and stitch on the all the sides picture below).

(If you are using a placemat you don’t need to stitch anything to the base as it is already made).

Step 2:

Now cut two pieces of the bottom color fabric for top loops measuring about 6 ½ inches in length and 2 ½ inches in width (the ½ inch is for seams).

Now pin and stitch on the wrong side. Picture below.

Now fold it into half lengthwise and stitch on the wrong side like the picture below. Do not stitch on the top or bottom as you will have to turn it inside out.

Once the stitching is done, turn it inside out like the picture below.

Iron and stitch corner seams on both sides just to make the edges crisp. Like the picture below

The loops are done now.

Step 3:

Now mark the pocket and base fabric for stitching lines.

Mark ½ inch on the base fabric (placemat) like the picture below (the black line) for the seam to stitch the pocket.

Now pin up the pocket fabric ½ inch from the corner on the base fabric on both sides (picture below).

This line is for the middle stitch of the pocket fabric. Picture below.

Pin up the center trying to match the line on the pocket fabric with the marking shown above.

This is how it looks once you pin it up (picture below).

Now stitch up all the three places (top, bottom and center). This is how it looks now (picture below).

Step 4:

Now add the loops to the base.

I marked the loops exactly where the pocket fabric is stitched.

Ta da!! We have our Tissue/Magazine holder ready to go!

This is how it finally looks when you hang it. Picture below.

P.S: The pictures look a little darker because they were taken in the night. Next time I’ll try to do a better job with the pictures. :)


  1. Great project! This would be perfect for hanging up by my computer area and sewing area. My desks are overflowing with items...no need to add the tissue box to the clutter!

  2. Love the fabric you used in this project! And sure, you can add my blog to your side...you are probably the first person who ever asked! :) Most just put it up!

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  4. Thanks so much for the idea! love it!

  5. Love the project but did you by chance make the chicken(?) hanging thing (I'm not sure what to call it) next to it the last picture? If so I'd love the details!

  6. Somebody posted my Tissue or Magazine holder in one of the Spanish websites. check it out if you need to read the instructions in Spanish

  7. What a great tutorial thank you so much for showing your projects love them!