Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A combination of A-Line and Empire Style* and a touch of Fabric Yo-Yo’s.

Wondering what the title is talking about?!!!
I made a dress for my little girlie. First I thought I’ll make an A-Line dress, but then felt it’s going to be too simple, considering the design of the fabric. So, I added Empire style to the dress.

(Check out the meaning of Empire dress at the bottom of the post).

So now the front of the dress has Empire Style positioned on the chest line, but without the dart . The back of the dress is a simple A-line. I did not use any commercial pattern, because I know pattern making.

The dress front has a square neckline and the back has a round neckline, and the armhole has a bias piping.

And here is the fabric yo-yo. Luckily I found a cute button after going through about say 150-200 buttons (Well, I have a big box full of buttons).

Here is my little Miss A with her new dress.

She had an immunization shot today, and I told her I’ll make her a dress if she promises not to cry during the shot. And of course she was too good at keeping her promise and never cried other than just a little aaaaaaah, oohhhhh. And that's how the shot episode ended, unlike the crying and shouting that happens every time.

I am happy I found a way to make hospital visits much more fun and peaceful.

*Empire Dress: Empire designs have a horizontal line underneath the bust area proportional to the figure. It also includes a fisheye dart that is used to shape the bust and the waist areas.


  1. Oh, this dress is so lovely and the yoyo looks like a brooch with the button on the top.
    Looks really nice and your girl is adorable!

  2. Darling dress! I have been on a yo-yo kick myself lately, using up little scraps to make into something.

  3. Hey Lalli!
    This is Sindhu...Never knew that you blogged!Anyways...Jab jaago tahi savera :P
    Bhale ga undi ee orange dress...n Ananya is the perfect girl to wear it...she is a cute doll full of I love her :)
    Keep me posted with your new collections...Honestly,I adore your work...And its got nothing to do with you beimg related :)
    I hope to see more of your work soon :D
    Love you but love your dkills more ;)

  4. aww she looks pretty! :) very cute dress. love the color.

  5. wow lalli...too good..!!!! and the dress is amazing as the color