Thursday, November 6, 2008

I painted a Picasso

I made a copy of Picasso's painting from his Seated woman series. :)

It is called a Two-faced woman.

The painting fits under the patterns of curvilinear Cubism, a style that was developed by Picasso along with Georges Braque using monochrome brownish and neutral colors.

This painting represents a terror filled face and its shadow. The front face of the woman disappears into shadow. We see only her anxious inner profile implies the contours of the more darkened area. The terror in the face is expressed by the shrunken right eye - a tiny point as compared to the circle of the left one that stares from the shadows and by her recessive mouth and chin.

The Picture below is the original Picasso.

The pictures below are my paintings. Picasso's is Oil on Canvas and mine is Acrylic on Canvas.

All this while I was mostly into Charcoal and Pastels, this is my first attempt of acrylic on canvas.
So my fellow bloggers do leave some comments about your opinion on my painting. I would really love that. :)

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