Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Etsy Shop Update

I sewed the whole of yesterday and made a few Pocket Tissue Pouch/Holder/Cozy's.

These are really good to carry in the pocket or in your handbag and keeps your tissues from getting folded and dirty, also it is easier to find them when you want to grab a tissue. And I am going to pack each of these with a brand new Kleenex pocket tissue pack.

These make good gifts for friends and co-workers. :)

I decorated some of them with lace roses and the others are plain fabric. I just uploaded them at my Etsy Shop. Come over and have a peek. :)


  1. Hi Lalli Akka!!
    These can be very useful. I liked the orange one. It's very cute :) I simply adore your designs. You are indeed a genius, and that's what fasion requires today. Hope your shop at Etsy going well.

  2. Hey Sindhu, thanks a lot for your nice comments. But I did not discover this idea. These tissue pouches existed in the market for a long time now. I just used a little creativity to give them my touch. That's all I did. :) Thanks again.