Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cold Process (CP) soap!!

I made soap!!

My friend’s reactions:

why? !! how? But why soap all of a sudden? I mean, well ok………

I exactly know you guys must be wondering why on earth I started making soap. The first simple reason is I wanted a break from sewing (I have been sewing and altering for clients non-stop). Well, people who know me will tell you that I cannot sit idle. I got to do something!! So I actually started googling things I can do to improve Miss A’s skin. (She has ultra-sensitive skin!). And lo and behold!!! I found a lot of info, some botanicals, some allopathic remedies, some homeopathic…. And then I found Soap!! Yes, soap that is actually good for sensitive skin…. Something that has natural and safe ingredients from the kitchen and so on and so forth. I was curious, bought some books from the library, read a lot of information online and I then I decided I am going to try my hand at it and learnt Melt and Pour soap.

And then, I found an absolutely amazing lady who called me over to her home (she has a huge farm with goats and chickens and honey bees) and taught me how to make goats milk soap. You could check out her website here and her blog here

Long story short, my husband nick named me “Bubbles” and looks like this name is going to stick for a long time!!


  1. Those look cool! Love the molds. Are they perfect for sensitive skin?

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog Meream. These soaps are absolutely wonderful for sensitve skin.:)

  3. I think sewing and soap making are a perfect match! Both are lost arts in today's culture ... such a shame. I'm glad you are keeping both alive and well. Good lookin' soaps, Bubbles (that's so sweet)!

  4. WOWWW...Cool deal.
    Are the soaps up for sale?

  5. Beautiful soaps! Good luck as you continue to learn!