Friday, September 9, 2011

Soap story from Bellingham, WA

Hello Blog land!!! How have you been?  I know I know! It’s been a while since you saw me around, but life with my 10 month old has become way too hectic.  The moment she sees me on my computer she is all over me trying to pull out the keys!!  When she sleeps, I am too tired to do anything, so I just sit and have a cuppa tea before she is up again.  But, with all these little things, life has really become sweet seeing all the pranks this little one is up to each day.  We all have a hearty laugh seeing her pranks; especially big sister is having tons of fun.  We are having a gala time.   

Moving on to the blog post, we recently visited my brother’s family in Seattle.  And guess what I did during the trip?

I visited the Soap Queen’s Otion Soap at Bellingham, WA ! Yay!! I had a design a class scheduled with Otion Soap as part of my birthday gift and Boy! that was fun.  I had a wonderful time learning all the good stuff from Kathryn Hackney aka Kat. She is an amazing instructor with tons of patience.  I was really impressed with her hard work and passion for Soap making.  You can check out all the good stuff she posts at Soap King Blog.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Anne Marie, yes, Anne-Marie Faiola aka Soap Queen.  Can you believe it??!! I have been watching her videos since the past 2 years and it was so exciting to meet her in person.  I had great time learning from her.  

Here is a visual treat of all the goodies we made.

Have a great weekend you all.

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